Wet Mops

All items shown are stock items.  For other available items, please visit O'Cedar Commercial and contact us with what you have questions on!
  1. MaxiPlus Microfiber Loop-End MopMaxiPlus Microfiber Loop-End Mop
  2. MaxiCotton Loop-End Cotton MopsMaxiCotton Loop-End Cotton Mops
  3. Healthi-Pro Anti-Microbial Loop-End MopsHealthi-Pro Anti-Microbial Loop-End Mops
  4. MaxiClean Shrinkless Loop-End MopsMaxiClean Shrinkless Loop-End Mops
  5. Finishing Loop-End MopsFinishing Loop-End Mops
  6. MaxiClean Loop-End Synthetic MopMaxiClean Loop-End Synthetic Mop